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High Pressure Paste & Slurry Isolation Valve

key features

  • Valve Sizes: 3” to 24”

  • Pressure ratings to suit 20 thru to 150 Bar systems

  • Class VI shut-off

  • Single & Double Block & Bleed designs available

  • Full bore opening

  • Designed for Abrasive, Scaling, Aggressive and Plugging slurries/pastes

  • Flow centering designs to reduce velocity related wear of valve body and downstream pipework

  • Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Electric actuation options available

The key differentiating factor for our entire product line is the Guided Shear Gate Design. Check out this video to learn how DSS Valves provide bi-directional, zero leakage isolation in the most severe service applications.


Designed for types of high solids abrasive Slurries, Pastes and Tailings isolation applications where precise isolation is required for process and safety requirements. These valves are designed with the most severe abuse and isolation valve can face. In abrasive solidifying media where velocities and or high building up in seating areas are a challenge.

The robust design has made this the valve of choice for paste system operators on High-pressure applications for repetitive cycling on abrasive and media. Whether on the surface or underground these isolation valves solve issues that other valve types only bring on-going expensive maintenance. With Single Block and Double Block & Bleed designs, this is a true safety isolation valve in high solids abrasive slurry and paste services.


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