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Paste Backfill Borehole Emergency Dump Valve

key features

  • Valve Size: 4” to suit both 5”, 6”, 8” & 10” delivery retic systems.

  • Pressure ratings to suit 20 thru to 250 Bar systems

  • ZERO Dead Leg between piston face and pipe bore

  • Crust breaking action to quickly open a flow path in partially impacted systems

  • Pneumatically actuated configurations preferred for safe operation in remote control situations

  • Simple mounting into overhead reticulation systems


Paste system blockages resulting from solidification and segregation are a key area of frustration for mining companies operating paste delivery systems as they typically lead to lengthy downtime and expensive remedial works to clear the blockages.

The design of this valve provides the ability to dump residual paste and flush fluids away from the stope delivery point on demand or in an operational upset condition.

As an emergency/safety device in pipe burst or over-pressurisation situations you also need absolute confidence that the technology you choose will perform on demand and itself not become a point of blockage like alternate dump valve technologies currently on the market.


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