Paste Backfill Borehole Velocity Control Valve                           Anti-Cavitation Start-Up Choke Valve

key features

  • Valve Sizes: 4”, 6”, 8” & 10”

  • Pressure ratings to suit 20 thru to 150 Bar systems

  • Fixed Orifice to Class IV shut-off

  • Full bore opening when needed

  • Designed for Abrasive, Scaling, Aggressive and Plugging slurries/pastes

  • Flow centering designs to reduce velocity related wear of valve body and downstream pipework

  • Integral positioner to guard against damage in service


Designed for Paste Backfill and Tailings flow control applications where precise control is required to maintain pressures, level or most importantly reduce velocities and start-up cavitation.

These valves are designed with the most severe abuse a choke/control valve could be subjected to in respect to abrasive media where velocities typically result in high seat and trim erosion.

The bullet-proof design has made this the valve of choice for long vertical drop velocity control and cavitation/vibration control in start-up phases within paste delivery pipelines below ground. Reduced media segregation also helps control blockages, but also as a back pressure controller for atmospheric discharge of tailings in dewatering and batching systems.



Body Design

60° Y Pattern Outlet Piston Valve

Construction Type

Forged Body

Design Codes

ASME B16.34, ISO EN12516

Testing Specification

API 598 & ISO EN12266

Certificate of Compliance

PED 97/23/EC

Operator Type

Pneumatic – Double Acting


High Strength – Anti-Blowout Design


316SS + TC – Min. 150μm Thickness

Valve Size Range

4.0” / DN100

Working Pressure (max)

100, 150 & 250 Bar Designs

Pipe Connection

RF & RTJ Flanged or Victaulic

Mounting Spool NB Sizes

100, 125, 150, 200 & 250

Mounting Spool Pipe Schedule

80, XS, 120, 160 & XXS

Mounting Spool Pad Flange

4.0” ANSI 600# / 900# / 1500#

Mounting Spool Length

500 (mm) or 750 (mm)

Dump Flow Rate (max).

100NB @ 14.3 ℓ/sec

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